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Tahoe CBD recommends that you cleanse your skin with our Full Spectrum CBD Facial Scrub prior to using any of our CBD Skincare products from our collection. Once again our staff carefully selected premium components and ingredients that comprise our Facial Scrub while infusing this product with 1,000 MG’s of Full Spectrum CBD. Finding a CBD Cleansing Scrub with 1,000 MG’s of Full Spectrum CBD is unprecedented. We infused four major ingredients that incorporate Salicylic Acid, Jojoba Beads, Retinol, Baking Soda along with many other beneficial factors.

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Salicylic Acid is a Hydroxy Acid that has been proven to help our skin by exfoliating and maintains that our pore is clear and free of any build-up. Salicylic Acid also aids in shedding of any dry skin along with any free radicals. Jojoba Beads are smooth and round in shape. Jojoba Beads are considered a natural exfoliating compound that digs deeply into the pores. Another benefit of Jojoba Beads is that it replicates the consistency and structure serum. Having said that natural oil is secreted by our sebaceous gland in our skin to produce, lubricate, and waterproof our skin naturally. Jojoba Beads naturally and gently cleanse our skin without damaging the skin. Retinol should always be used as a staple in any cleansing product because it prevents wrinkles lessing effects. Also, it promotes smoothing out fine lines to existing fine lines and wrinkles. 

Please carefully read all of our ingredients associated with our Tahoe CBD Facial Scrub. We have orchestrated a group of ingredients that work in combination and synchronization with one another with amazing results. We believe we produce the best CBD facial Scrub on the market!!!


CBD oil has a perfect balance of nutrients and substances that will nourish and moisturize your skin, anti-aging benefits, preventing drying of skin, and helps with damage to the skin and shortens the time of healing.


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